The Link Between Your Morning Brew & Your Poo

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You wake up and head to the kitchen to start brewing a cup of coffee. It’s your morning wake up routine – and it has been for the past decade. You turn on the TV and sip your cup of coffee out of your favorite mug, enjoying the deliciously bold taste and thinking about what you have to do today. Then…boom. Time to head to the bathroom.

According to a survey done by National Coffee Association (NCA), 64% of the American population enjoys a morning cup of coffee to help them jump-start their days. While that number continues to grow, studies show that 29% of people have to use the bathroom within 30 minutes of consuming their coffee. So, what is it about your morning brew that makes you need to poo?

Coffee Stimulates Your Colon

For some, coffee acts as a natural laxative that triggers a trip to the bathroom shortly after. That’s because it activates muscles in your colon, producing gut contractions that activate the urge to go #2.

Coffee has also been shown to produce Gastrin, a hormone that your body produces to break down food. Gastrin is a primary culprit for that “need to go feeling.”

A published study broke participants into two groups. One group that had had a cup of coffee, and one that had not. In the participants who had consumed coffee, the levels of Gastrin levels in their body was about 2.1 times higher than those who had not had a cup of coffee. Decaf also produced the same natural laxative effects, producing 1.7 times higher levels of Gastrin than those who did not consume coffee.

We’ve Got You Covered

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