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My wife and I, have three children (Bobby, Dominique, and Alexis). My middle daughter graduated from high school this week, too. It’s that time of the year. I’ve never been prouder of her than when she accepted her diploma. I don’t look forward to leaving her at LSU in the fall, although I am glad that she will only be 85 miles away from home.

Remember your graduation? Remember feeling like everything was new, a completely different life just about to begin? Remember wondering if you were ready? Remember feeling pretty sure you were not ready, but you faked it anyway?

You know what helps? Touches of home. When you are sending your children out into the brave new world, make sure they have some reminders of where they came from. These young people may seem a little old for a security blanket, but some of their favorite things from “home” will work just as well.

You know what else helps? Letting them know that you care about them. Rolls of quarters for laundry. Shampoo. And of course, a new canister of one of our lines of wipes, and enough refill packs to get them to their next return trip home.

Congratulations, graduates of 2015.

– Bob

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