Taking Your Phone Where No Phone Should Ever Go: The Toilet

Let’s face it: we are a mobile-phone obsessed society. In a new study by Asurion, they found that Americans check their phones once every 12 minutes on average, with the longest period of time between checking lasting a mere four hours. One in ten people surveyed checked their phone once every four minutes! With such an incredibly high sense of FOMO, it should come as no surprise that, on average, 3 out of every 4 people in the United States use their phones while in the restroom.

Instagram, Apple Arcade, Tinder, Oh NO.

So, if 75% of Americans are taking their phones with them to the can, what exactly are they using them for? Well, perhaps not surprisingly, over half of Americans say the apps they use the most while on the toilet are social media apps, and 78.5% of Generation Z Americans (those under the age of 23) even go so far as to say that apps are “fundamental for toilet time.”

In the past decade, technology has absolutely revolutionized the gaming industry. As early as 1985, we managed to take gaming away from our TVs and into our laps, and now with the stunning visuals of VR, we can completely immerse ourselves in new worlds. Technology simply continues to become more and more portable. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that around 35% of American men have stated that they use the bathroom as their “private games arcade.” Apparently gaming while doing your business can help improve your focus so much that 25% of men achieved their top score while in the bathroom.

Now, we can all agree that the bathroom is certainly not the most romantic setting in the world, but 1 in 10 men have confessed to using dating apps while on the toilet! Women have also succumbed to the enticing romanticism of a restroom, as 1 in 3 have sent a Snapchat from the confines of the bathroom – although this statistic does not specify (thankfully) whether the snaps were sent on the toilet.

Wash Your (Phone) Out with Soap

Did you know that approximately 7 million people drop their phones in the toilet every year? And even that isn’t a big enough wake-up call for people to realize that, just maybe, the bathroom isn’t the best place to conduct your business that isn’t your business. In fact, cell phones are actually about 10x dirtier than a toilet seat, and only about 1 in 7 Americans clean their phones. Everyone knows that there are a fair number of people who don’t wash their hands after using the toilet, so is it really that surprising that they wouldn’t regularly clean their phones?

You may not clean your hands, and you most likely won’t clean your phone, but there is at least one thing you should always keep clean: your behind. Bob’s Butt Wipes are flushable, all-natural, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic, guaranteed to clean up any messes you may have missed. After you’ve finished swiping through all of your dating matches, swipe a Bob’s Butt Wipe and leave the loo feeling refreshed.

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Everything You Need for Hunting Season

Hunting season is in full swing. Whether you’re preparing for a hunt or know someone who is, make sure to always be prepared. Setting out for a hunt without proper preparation can be dangerous and unsuccessful.

Take a look at our list of hunting pack essentials to make sure you have everything you need.

Do Your Research

Researching before your hunt is always a good idea. Things like regulatory limitations, when harvests need to be reported, and other state rules are crucial to know ahead of time.

One thing to note is that hunting season is different in every state and various parts of the state. Also, rules vary from state-to-state. If this is your first hunt of the year, make sure to check out your state’s significant regulation changes from last season.

Hunting Pack Essentials

Hunting License. You absolutely must have your license with you whenever you set out for a hunt. Make sure to pack that immediately, so you don’t forget it. Without your license, you can’t permit at all for hunting. Put it in a plastic ziplock bag to protect it from accidental spills or anything in your pack that could ruin the document.

Camo. Camouflage will help you blend in…but it has to be the right camouflage. You don’t want to wear green camo in winter. Make sure you’re using the right camo for the season and setting. You also want to make sure your gun is hidden with camo, so the shine doesn’t give you away.

Knife. Your knife will be your go-to tool for a variety of things that come up during your hunt. Cutting rope, skinning game, or whatever else comes up, be prepared.

Water. Water is needed for hydration and survival. It may be one of the most essential things to pack. However, canteens can take up a lot of room in your pack. An alternative may be a bladder, small water bottle, or this Platypus Platy 2-Liter Ultralight Collapsible Water Bottle, as it is lightweight, collapsible, and flexible.

Animal Calls. Attracting game is all about the strategy. Using animal calls will attract your prey. Understanding what kind of call you have and how to use it is important. This deer call is versatile and easy to use.

Map & Compass. It’s a great idea to carry both with you if you can. Although there are many types of GPS’ and apps now, a physical map is more reliable. It won’t get low on battery when you need it most. You can use a map and compass to plan where you want to go to hunt or find your way back.

First-Aid Kit. Keeping a first-aid medical kit and knowing how to use it is something every hunter should know. Always clean and bandage any cuts you have, so bacteria from your game doesn’t infect them.

Matches. You never know when you’ll need to start a fire to keep warm or set up camp for the night. Always make sure to carry a small box of matches in case of emergency.

Phone. You need a means of communication while you’re hunting, in case of any kind of emergency. Make sure your phone is on silent so it doesn’t blow your cover while you’re attracting prey.

Flashlight. A staple while hunting, flashlights are crucial. Whether you need to read a map, are tracking animal prints, or are handling a weapon in the dark, you’ll be properly prepared. Replace batteries before your hunt so they don’t run out during the hunt.

Seasonal Layering. Check the weather ahead of time so you’re prepared with proper gear and extra layers if necessary.

Snacks. Pack soft foods wrapped in cloth so noisy wrappers don’t give you away. Beef jerky, nuts, and energy bars are perfect hunting snacks.

Bob’s Butt Wipes. It’s always a good idea to squat at least 200 feet from any site. Bob’s butt wipes are a sanitary solution perfect to pack for your next hunt. They’re unscented to keep your cover, are biodegradable, and are all-natural. 

Bob’s Insect Repellant Wipes. Finally, a wipe that works as hard as you do. Make sure to pack Bob’s insect repellant wipes, as they are a hunting essential. They’re perfect for repelling mosquitoes, gnats, fleas, and other annoying bugs. Bob’s insect repellant wipes are also deet free and biodegradable!

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