My Hope for the 4th

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Some of my favorite memories happen in the summertime.

As you know, I’m from Southern Louisiana, where the festivals are as plenty as the crawfish, and there is always live music just around the corner. Most of the time, those corners are in a bayou (that’s our word for a big creek.)

This weekend, I hope to cast my line from a boat. I hope to hear some terrific live music. I hope to slide into a festival for some fireworks. I hope to eat watermelon while sitting on the dock with my best girl.

Most of all, I hope that we, as a nation, can join together for one day – forget our differences – and celebrate the beautiful thing which is our independence.

I hope that your celebration of our freedom is just as memorable.

Happy Independence Day.


PS – Sterling Global Products’ wipes are really good at wiping up watermelon juice. Just sayin’.

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