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Lets face it, sometimes simply wiping with toilet paper isnt enough. When nature calls, a Slidell businessman has your answer. Bob Delaney just launched a new line of flushable wipes. News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini gets to the bottom of butt wipes.

Whether youre a man, woman, or child, sometimes a roll of toilet paper just isnt enough. We have everybody covered, says Bob Delaney. Theres BouDe wipes for women, Adventure wipes for kids and Bobs Butt Wipes for you dudes out there. Its catchy. People like it, hunters and campers. Its very manly, says Delaney.

Walgreens stores in the greater New Orleans area started carrying the BouDe flushable wipes in November and theyre already a big hit! Delaney says even Disney wants in on the action. Theyre looking to put the Adventure Wipes in the resorts, and they do the private labels with Mickey Mouse and put it on their private island and cruise ship lines, says Delaney. Bob is in the business to help people finish taking care of business. You think its a personal issue talking about wiping below and using the wipes, but really people get into it. Youd be surprised what people talk about, says Delaney. And if Drew Brees is willing to put his bum on the line for another endorsement, that couldnt hurt, right? Id like to get Drew Brees to be my spokesman for the Bobs Butt Wipes so if youre out there, Drew The BouDe wipes are already being sold at Walgreens and select grocery stores.

The Bobs Butt Wipes hit shelves later this month and the Adventure wipes for kids come out next month.

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