“Hi. I’m Doctor Daniel Sinclair, Orthopedic Surgeon, and I do recommend these products. We have used them in the office and they were well accepted and very safe. The Boude, Adventure Wipes and Bob’s Butt Wipes are all very safe.”

Doctor Daniel Sinclair



Hi I’m Doctor Alberto Suarez, General Pediatrics Over 35 years in my practice, I have used multiple brands of wipes on my patients. I have found that Sterling Global Products has been the most gentle and less allergenic to my patients. I recommend the use of these wipes on children and all other age groups. Doctor Alberto Suarez



Dr. Alberto Suarez “Spanish”

“Hola, soy el doctor Alberto Suarez, el general Pediatria … Mas de 35 anos en mi practica, he utilizado varias marcas de toallitas en mis pacientes. He encontrado que Sterling Global Products ha sido el mas suave y menos alerganico a mis pacientes. Recomiendo el uso de estas toallitas en los ninos y todos los otros grupos de edad “-. El doctor Alberto Suarez