“I’ll never have to go commando again, thanks to Bob’s Butt Wipes.” – Tony Scharenbroch – St. Tammany Fire District One

“I purchased Bob’s Butt Wipes and Dispenser back in March as a gag gift for my husband’s birthday. Being his name is Bob and all, and we just love them, not to mention what a conversation piece. I’m so happy I was able to get refills.” – Lynn Craft

“My kids love your Adventure Wipes! They think they are so fun to use in the potty.” - Mike Prochaska

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“Bob’s wipes… wipe away the waste left on my behind. They keep clean behind-the-scenes. They make me happy when I’ve had a…….. !!! LOL Seriously I have the wipes in all of the bathrooms in my home. since they attach to the toilet roll holder it is so convenient to just grab a moist clean wipe… clean your booty and toss it in the toilet. We love Bob’s Butt Wipes. I have even wrapped some up as stocking stuffer gifts for my adult brothers… now they’re hooked too.” – Michelle Buisson

“Adventure wipes are a necessity when it comes to the daunting task of potty training a toddler! The hanging canister makes the process so much easier to manage and the flushable wipes take care of the mess!” – Sarah Keen