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Let’s talk about clogged toilets. That’s right, clogged toilets. You may be thinking to yourself, “Really, why would I ever want to discuss clogged toilets?” Well, I am going to tell you why. How do you feel when the toilet is clogged? Frustrated? Annoyed? Angry? Of course you feel that way. We all do. So, how can clogs be prevented?

Living in South Louisiana is never dull. We enjoy celebrating everything and we have a festival for just about anything to prove it. You could attend the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, International Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana Veterans’ Festival in Slidell or the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in New Iberia to just name a few.

In south Louisiana, it’s Carnival time.  That doesn’t mean a midway and rides, or cotton candy… well, I guess it could mean cotton candy, but that’s not what we think of!  Carnival season, to us, means what the rest of the world calls “Mardi Gras.” 

Have you ever really thought about success?  What it means?

I think this is one of those things that means different things to different people.  I look at multi-millionaires and I see success.  I look at dads whose kids are happy and well-behaved, and I see success.  I look at smart young people who are making things happen in the business world – they might make $30,000, and I consider them successful.

The following is a true story about best friends:

“We’ve been together forever. Nobody really talks about it, but everybody knows. That’s how it works with your BFF. You just are. Best friends forever. We go everywhere together. Weget each other. I know what Poop is up to – sometimes even before he knows it. I can evenmake him do stuff without him realizing it. Because he loves me, I am his bestie.” – Coffee