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Butt wipes are a funny subject – wouldn’t you agree? However funny they may be,everybody needs ’em. I like to say “would you take a shower without water?” Of course you wouldn’t – so why do you think toilet paper gets you clean?

Some of my favorite memories happen in the summertime.

As you know, I’m from Southern Louisiana, where the festivals are as plenty as the crawfish, and there is always live music just around the corner. Most of the time, those corners are in a bayou (that’s our word for a big creek.)

As a father, I take pride in Father’s Day.There’s nothing like being honored by the one you love for a whole twenty-four hours. Father’s Day is the one day where I can sit back in my comfortable recliner and put the ladies to work...

It’s a great day at Sterling Global Products – hopefully you are enjoying this day as much as we are. I’m proud to announce that, with the help of my team, we were able to launch our Bob’s Butt Wipes & Hanging Flushable Wipe Dispenser Kickstarter campaign. It brings us great pleasure to offer our products as rewards to our financial supporters.

I love how convenient things are in today’s society compared to when I was coming up. The fact that my television will record my favorite shows when I’m away is amazing. Another thing that I find convenient is my cell phone. There aren’t too many things that I can’t do with this thing. Whether its listening to my favorite music or video chatting with my grand-kids, my cell phone always handles the job.