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Earlier this year, New Orleans City Business selected the 2018 class of Money Makers, an event and publication that honors local professionals for financial achievements in their respective industries and their community impact.

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Avoiding mosquito bites is vital to preventing transmission of Zika virus.

The CDC recommend:

  • using insect repellents
  • wearing long-sleeved garments and long pants
  • placing mosquito nets over beds (in some cases)
  • using window and door screens
  • running an air conditioner

We here at Sterling Global Products are looking forward to some exciting changes!

Father’s Day is a time of reflection for many of us. This week I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood and my Dad and about being a Dad. There have been many times during my adult years when I found myself saying or doing something my Dad did that I said I would never do. Guess what? We all end up saying and doing things just like our Dad’s. It’s in the genes (not jeans) as “they” say. I’ll leave the discussion of who “they” are for another time.