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Avoiding the Clogged Toilet

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Let’s talk about clogged toilets. That’s right, clogged toilets. You may be thinking to yourself, “Really, why would I ever want to discuss clogged toilets?” Well, I am going to tell you why. How do you feel when the toilet is clogged? Frustrated? Annoyed? Angry? Of course you feel that way. We all do. So, how can clogs be prevented? The easiest answer to that question is – do not drop or throw anything in the toilet that does not belong there. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Let’s examine the evidence. A friend recently dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Someone else flushed a golf ball. Another person had to stop their small child from flushing a rubber duck. If you think about it, a rubber duck in the toilet could make sense to a child. After all, it is a bowl of water that swirls, right? Of course, those are some of the more unusual items that have been flushed. Did you know most baby wipes are not flushable? Actually, most wipes are not flushable. But, Bob’s Butt Wipes, BouDé Flushable Wipes and Lil Booty Adventure Wipes are all flushable. In addition to that they are all natural, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. To keep your toilet happy they are 100% biodegradable and disperse in 2 minutes.  They are also sewer and septic friendly. Why would you ever use anything else? For more information on my line of flushable wipes go to   Bob



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