A Story About Best Friends

A Story About Best Friends

The following is a true story about best friends:

“We’ve been together forever. Nobody really talks about it, but everybody knows. That’s how it works with your BFF. You just are. Best friends forever. We go everywhere together. Weget each other. I know what Poop is up to – sometimes even before he knows it. I can evenmake him do stuff without him realizing it. Because he loves me, I am his bestie.” – Coffee

“I do love coffee. Coffee and I get together all the time. Coffee calls, and I am like, ‘excellent, today is going to be a day where I get stuff done.’ Coffee is great like that – always keeps the ball rolling, if you get my drift. But lately, she’s been acting weird. Like, she’s mad, or something, because I’ve got someone new in my life. It’s crazy, because we will always be close…” – Poop

“Poop is friend-cheating on me. He has a new bestie, and I know it – everyone is figuring it out. It is making me CRAZY. I will call him, be all like, hey, Poop, want to go out, and he will be like, sure, yeah, let me just check with Boude and make sure she is available. BOUDE. Intruder.” – Coffee

“I’m so happy I get to hang out with Poop. I want to be there for him all the time, I just love him. I willalwaysmake myself available if he is around, because nothing makes me happier. Boude + Poop 4 EVA!” – Boude

“I love both Coffee AND Boude. I don’t think anyone should have to choose.” – Poop

“I just noticed Coffee was kind of outof sorts, a total mess, honestly. I gathered her up in my embrace and helped her get sorted out. Now she’s all put together again, neat and perky as ever. No mess to be found, anymore!” – Boude

“Ok, I was wrong. I admit it. Boude is kind of amazing. She is ready to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of. Everybody needs a friend like that. Boude is one of those kinds of friends that give and give. I kind of love her too.” – Coffee

“Just called Boude – Coffee and I got together and I wanted to see if Boude would join us. Now all three of us can hang out together. I love it when everybody I like being around gets along.” – Poop

And they lived happily ever after.

(this story was inspired by this post from the Huffington Post, which you might have read already.)

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September

Remember, Remember, the 11th of September

We spend a lot of time remembering in late summer in Louisiana.

This year, we faced the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. We don’t forget, anyway… every day, as we drive through town, we remember things that “ain’t dere no mo’.” The old movie theater. That one restaurant down on the water. My friend’s uncle’s camp. Looking ten years in the face, though, it’s amazing at what has grown in our area since the storm. The new movie theater. These four new restaurants in Olde Towne. That fantastic new bridge that is so much better than the old one.

We move forward. Not just in Louisiana – in America. We stop briefly and acknowledge what once was, and we look with pride at what now is, thinking of what will be. We move forward.

On September 11, 2015, we all stop and acknowledge what once was. We are told “Never Forget.” As if we could possibly forget the scariest, saddest day of our communal lives.

We stop, we remember. We pray, we cry. We hug our loved ones a little tighter. We wave our flag.

And then we move forward. We will never forget the sacrifices made for our freedoms, including the ultimate sacrifice made by rescuers on September 11, 2001. Yet we know they never stopped and looked back, so we must not, either. We move forward.

We move forward, better for the collective memories and the knowledge that our country is and will always be united by the things that “ain’t dere no mo'” – and the things which have been created since disasters struck. We will not stop moving forward, that’s not in our nature.

Sterling Global Products remembers and honors the sacrifices made and acts of heroism shown fourteen years ago today. We remember and honor the people that were there to help strangers find safety, both during the September 11 attacks as well as during Hurricane Katrina. We do not have big enough words of gratitude.

And we move forward.