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The future is bright and clean!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.In the days of the caveman, leaves were used as toilet paper – I mean, yeah, they didn’t have any other choices, but… better watch out for poison ivy!Lets not forget about the times when the cob of the corn was used that sounds potentially painful. By the 1930s, people were tearing out pages of the ol’Sears catalogue to get the job done.I guess that’s serving a dual purpose… commode literature plus utilitarianism. But that’s a whole lot of work for not a whole lot of cleaning.

Today, we have the luxury of using things that are more comfortable such as toilet paper. Ahh, toilet paper. Whether you go basic or quilted, regular or mega-roll, you spend some money on toilet paper. Have you been in the situation where you are suddenly – and without warning – out of toilet paper? NOT A GOOD SITUATION. So… you gotta buy it, you gotta use it. And it is not cheap.

Maybe in the future we could have another solution. Picture this: an all-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, flushable moist wipe with that features a unique refillable, hanging canister that installs with no hardware. Imagine the comfort of the future when everybody knows they are clean. A future that smells rosy by comparison to where we are now.

Listen, pals, the future is now. Sterling Global Products’ FlushableWipes are the future weve come a long way since those leaves. Our wipeswork in conjunction with toilet paper to make you truly clean.Quite frankly, if you are still just using toilet paper, you are in danger of getting left behind. And not just for having a stinky rear end!

Here’s to the future!

– Bob


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