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Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Butt wipes are a funny subject – wouldn’t you agree? However funny they may be,everybody needs ’em. I like to say “would you take a shower without water?” Of course you wouldn’t – so why do you think toilet paper gets you clean?

We want you to know that our products are available to you. One way we are doing this is by launching a Kickstarter campaign. Our campaign is currently at $430, which is only 4% of our funding goal of $10,000. This campaign will help spread the word that butt wipes – BouDe wipes for the more sensitive ears – are waiting to make your world a cleaner, fresher, more hygienic place.

Would you please consider supporting our Kickstarter campaign? You will receive great rewards – products forprices you will never find in stores. We hope that you support us in our efforts to spread the word that our products will clean the world, one wipe at a time – and we leave nothing behind.

Have a great weekend. – Bob

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