Why a wipe?  Find out below and enter to win!

Why a wipe? Find out below and enter to win!

A funny thing happens when you have one of our wipes products in your life. You get to a point where you can’t remember what you did without them. The following things are all true stories that happened THIS WEEK to some of our employees:

Kimberly, our workout fanatic, goes to the gym every day after work. On Wednesday, she had an ah-hahmoment: “Every day I sweat off my makeup. It stings as it runs into my eyes, and I feel like my pores are getting more clogged by the moment. Suddenly, it occurred to me – I have BouDe Wipes! Let me throw some in my gym bag. Before I worked out, I removed my makeup in a quick two-second swipe and my eyes were so glad I did so. It was also fantastic to wipe off my face after my workout was complete.”

Sarah, mother of a theater-kid: “The kid had to have full-stage-makeup pictures done on Monday. After the pictures, we went to get supper, but I realized it would be great if he didn’t look like a clown. Grabbed a Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipe. Stage makeup, gone! Happy mama with a clean kid, happy kid with a hamburger – who didn’t look like the restaurant’s mascot! Also, this particular kid has VERY sensitive skin, so it is comforting to me to know that the ingredients in our wipes didn’t irritate his skin at all.”

Orlando: “My girlfriend is not a fan of the fact that I splatter toothpaste all over the place when I brush each morning. I surprised her this week, by grabbing a Bob’s Butt Wipes wipe and cleaning the countertop. I think Bob’s may have just saved our relationship.” Adds Jonathan, “and they rock when I am cleaning up after shaving, too. I can knock off the excess shaving cream from both my face and my counter.”

My favorite story is from Angie, a mother of four (!) who is always on-the-go: “You know how I always have a pack of wipes in my purse?” – she does, and she is not brand-specific, although her daughter is a huge fan of Lil’ Booty’s stickers and tattoos, as you can see here. “Well, here’s another reason these are my life-saver. I had two packets of honey mustard in my purse and I reached in to grab a pen and they had BOTH broken open. DISGUSTING. Thankfully, I had wipes handy – as one always should – and was able to clean everything up in a snap. Thank God for wipes!”

All of this got me to thinking, how can I help everybody see that a flushable wipe is a must-have on all occasions. The answer is this – let’s run a contest!

Here’s what you need to do to enter to win one of TEN starter packs! No purchase required, and you pick the product (Bob’s Butt Wipes, BouDe, or Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes.) To enter to win, just click on the widget below and follow the instructions given. Your chances are good, and you too can soon be in the lucky position of being prepared whenever and wherever you need a flushable wipe!

Enjoy! -Bob


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The future is bright and clean!

The future is bright and clean!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.In the days of the caveman, leaves were used as toilet paper – I mean, yeah, they didn’t have any other choices, but… better watch out for poison ivy!Lets not forget about the times when the cob of the corn was used that sounds potentially painful. By the 1930s, people were tearing out pages of the ol’Sears catalogue to get the job done.I guess that’s serving a dual purpose… commode literature plus utilitarianism. But that’s a whole lot of work for not a whole lot of cleaning.

Today, we have the luxury of using things that are more comfortable such as toilet paper. Ahh, toilet paper. Whether you go basic or quilted, regular or mega-roll, you spend some money on toilet paper. Have you been in the situation where you are suddenly – and without warning – out of toilet paper? NOT A GOOD SITUATION. So… you gotta buy it, you gotta use it. And it is not cheap.

Maybe in the future we could have another solution. Picture this: an all-natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, flushable moist wipe with that features a unique refillable, hanging canister that installs with no hardware. Imagine the comfort of the future when everybody knows they are clean. A future that smells rosy by comparison to where we are now.

Listen, pals, the future is now. Sterling Global Products’ FlushableWipes are the future weve come a long way since those leaves. Our wipeswork in conjunction with toilet paper to make you truly clean.Quite frankly, if you are still just using toilet paper, you are in danger of getting left behind. And not just for having a stinky rear end!

Here’s to the future!

– Bob


Even the smallest inspiration counts!

Even the smallest inspiration counts!

Now that my kids are grown, I’m the happiest man in the world – I say that with love. Raising my kids wasn’t always the easiest thing to do, but I managed to get it done, with some assistance of course.

There were many challenges my wife and I faced when raising our 3 kids. Can you guess the biggest one of them all? If you said potty training, you were right. My kids gave me the hardest time when it came to using the potty.

As I look back, I believe that they inspired me to make Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes. I always had to reward them with something in order to get them to cooperate. That is why I included stickers and tattoos with Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes. Those little ones can’t resist stickers and tattoos right? You have my permission to take full advantage of these bonus items, in hopes of getting the little one to use the potty. Let the adventure begin. – Bob

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Laugh All the Way to the Bank

Butt wipes are a funny subject – wouldn’t you agree? However funny they may be,everybody needs ’em. I like to say “would you take a shower without water?” Of course you wouldn’t – so why do you think toilet paper gets you clean?

We want you to know that our products are available to you. One way we are doing this is by launching a Kickstarter campaign. Our campaign is currently at $430, which is only 4% of our funding goal of $10,000. This campaign will help spread the word that butt wipes – BouDe wipes for the more sensitive ears – are waiting to make your world a cleaner, fresher, more hygienic place.

Would you please consider supporting our Kickstarter campaign? You will receive great rewards – products forprices you will never find in stores. We hope that you support us in our efforts to spread the word that our products will clean the world, one wipe at a time – and we leave nothing behind.

Have a great weekend. – Bob

My Hope for the 4th

My Hope for the 4th

Some of my favorite memories happen in the summertime.

As you know, I’m from Southern Louisiana, where the festivals are as plenty as the crawfish, and there is always live music just around the corner. Most of the time, those corners are in a bayou (that’s our word for a big creek.)

This weekend, I hope to cast my line from a boat. I hope to hear some terrific live music. I hope to slide into a festival for some fireworks. I hope to eat watermelon while sitting on the dock with my best girl.

Most of all, I hope that we, as a nation, can join together for one day – forget our differences – and celebrate the beautiful thing which is our independence.

I hope that your celebration of our freedom is just as memorable.

Happy Independence Day.


PS – Sterling Global Products’ wipes are really good at wiping up watermelon juice. Just sayin’.