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Un-Arrested Development


Except when it comes to waist size, growth is good – wouldn’t you agree? Sterling Global Products is growing like crazy. Aside from enjoying increased sales, we continue to grow our staff to make sure our customers have the greatest experience possible. We would like to welcome our new Sales Manager, Johnathan Dixon, to the company – happy to have you, Jonathan! Johnathan bringsa broad understanding of varied aspects of successful sales practices, and will help us continue tobe the polish (after the toilet paper) our clients expect and deserve.

In addition, we are supporting jobs in the United States, with our new, all-natural and hypoallergenicpaper being manufactured in the United States. This new product will roll out in the fall of 2015 – continuing our mission to jobs in the US while providing the best possible product to our customers. There’s nothing wrong with a little upgrading while helping out the United States, right?

The growth of our company couldn’t happen without your support. Thank you for continuing to show us the love.

Hope you have a perfectly polished weekend.


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