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It’s Adventure Time


School is out and it’s time to play! All of the kids we know are looking forward to exploring new things while they are out for the summer – bet yours are too. The summer’s heat is known for making kids exhausted and moms frustrated, even while everybody is just trying to have fun.

Parents, don’t forget that our convenient refill packs reseal completely, keeping the wipes fresh and moist. Make sure you throw a pack in your car, your purse, your beach bag… so you have a wipe ready wherever you are.

Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes usehigh-quality, dispersible in water paper, kept fresh in an all-natural, ph-neutral, hypoallergenic solution. The canister includes stickers and tattoos to help motivate good potty habits in children of all ages. Kids love these wipes and so will you.

No matter what adventures the summer brings your way, we hope your days are filled with happiness, sunshine and fun.

– Bob

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