Dealing With Your Public Poop Anxiety

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Sterling Global Products Public Bathroom Anxiety

“You gotta go when you gotta go,” everyone says. But what if you can’t? What if when you try…your public bathroom anxiety gets the best of you and you can’t go when you gotta go?

Some people deal with the embarrassment of pooping in public by holding it until they can go in the comfort of their own home. Although holding it may not be harmful once in a while, it can have harmful effects on your health. Poop is made of toxins, waste, and bacteria that is meant to leave the body. And when you hold it, your body can’t properly get rid of the toxic waste in your gut. In fact, your body can absorb the toxins back into it. 

So what do you do about your public poop anxiety? Well, understanding what you’re worried about is a great first step. Are you afraid of the smell? The sound? Once you have that information down, follow the tips below on how to get through pooping publicly:

Add Pooping to Your Morning Routine

Take the extra time in the morning to sit down and try to go. If you try to go before you leave the house, it will be less likely that you feel the need to go while you’re out. Please note, this can be a bit of a process and may take some time to integrate into your routine. But in the long-run, it may be the perfect solution to your public pooping anxiety.


When you feel anxious, your muscles tense up and it can make it much more difficult to go. Remember to breathe and try to relax your muscles. The process will be much less stressful and easier to go.


If you’re worried about plopping noises coming out of your stall, we have a proven trick that can help with that! Place a layer of toilet paper over the inside of the bowl. It will brace the fall and lessen the noise.

Mask the Smell

Bring a portable Poopourri bottle or air freshener. Always being prepared will make you feel less stressed. And you’ll be able to easily mask the smell while you go. If you don’t have either, the “courtesy flush” is the next best thing. The “courtesy flush” refers to flushing multiple times while you go, to help minimize smell.

Another Thing to Remember

Don’t forget-everybody poops. It’s human nature! It’s something that we have all experienced and have all been through.

Always Be Prepared!

Always be prepared with our BouDé To-Go Wipes. They’re all-natural, unscented, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic wipes that quickly disperse. These multi-purpose, doctor-recommended wipes are sewer and septic friendly so that you can go with confidence.

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