You never know where Bob will turn up! If you spot Bob’s Butt Wipes, you can be a winner! Simply take a picture with Bob’s Butt Wipes, send it in with your name, the store name and location and you will win a free refill pack of Bob’s Butt Wipes (or Boude wet wipes) We will post all the pictures here and on Facebook!  Send your picture to today!

Where in the World is Bob?

Do It Best! Show Oct 12-14, 2018

BouDe Wipes

The Polish after the paper!

BouDe Make Up Remover

Polish on the go!

BouDe Wipes Subscription Starter Pack

$24.95 every 3 months

All of our products are completely biodegradable, making our wipes truly flushable and sewer and septic safe. Our natural ingredients ensure our wipes are gentle enough for every place you need a wipe, from your face to your feet and everywhere in between!

BUTT wait, there’s more!


Moist, FLUSHABLE and Soft

Bob’s Butt Wipes!

The Wipes that work as hard as you do!

Bob’s Butt Wipes To Go!

Working hard, even on the go!

Man Cave Subscription Starter Pack

$24.95 every 3 months

New Bob’s Insect Repellent Wipes!

No harsh chemicals! Natural ingredients!

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