Avoiding the Clogged Toilet

Avoiding the Clogged Toilet

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Let’s talk about clogged toilets. That’s right, clogged toilets. You may be thinking to yourself, “Really, why would I ever want to discuss clogged toilets?” Well, I am going to tell you why. How do you feel when the toilet is clogged? Frustrated? Annoyed? Angry? Of course you feel that way. We all do. So, how can clogs be prevented? The easiest answer to that question is – do not drop or throw anything in the toilet that does not belong there. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Let’s examine the evidence. A friend recently dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Someone else flushed a golf ball. Another person had to stop their small child from flushing a rubber duck. If you think about it, a rubber duck in the toilet could make sense to a child. After all, it is a bowl of water that swirls, right? Of course, those are some of the more unusual items that have been flushed. Did you know most baby wipes are not flushable? Actually, most wipes are not flushable. But, Bob’s Butt Wipes, BouDé Flushable Wipes and Lil Booty Adventure Wipes are all flushable. In addition to that they are all natural, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. To keep your toilet happy they are 100% biodegradable and disperse in 2 minutes.  They are also sewer and septic friendly. Why would you ever use anything else? For more information on my line of flushable wipes go to www.sterlingglobalproducts.com.   Bob



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Festival Season

Living in South Louisiana is never dull. We enjoy celebrating everything and we have a festival for just about anything to prove it. You could attend the Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, International Rice Festival in Crowley, Louisiana Veterans’ Festival in Slidell or the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in New Iberia to just name a few.

Or perhaps you would prefer a music festival. Well, we have a few of those as well. French Quarter Festival is April 7th-10th – and this is one of my favorite festivals. It is free and everywhere you walk in the French Quarter you hear fantastic music. Delicious food can be found at Jackson Square and throughout the Quarter.

Of course, one of our most well known festivals is The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, or Jazz Fest. Did you know it was founded in 1970 and only 350 people attended that first year? Mahalia Jackson and Duke Ellington were the featured performers and tickets cost $3. Fast forward to 2016, the ticket prices are $75 and it is estimated that over 400,000 will in attendance.  A few of this year’s headline performers include Steely Dan, Irma Thomas, Dr. John & The Nite Trippers along with Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Rait.

Festivals are just plain fun! Of course, let’s face it; festivals can also be very messy. After all they are held outside and in South Louisiana that means heat and humidity. When it comes to Jazz Fest, rain is often added to the mix. Now, we have heat, humidity, and mud. Oh, and then, you need to use the restroom. So, you head to the line of portable toilets and wait. I remember anxiously wondering if there would be toilet paper – but not anymore. Now, I bring Bob’s Butt Wipes with me. When preparing for your next festival, fair or event, remember to bring along Bob’s Butt Wipes, Boude Wipes, or even Lil’ Booty’s Adventure Wipes, and enjoy all the fun in comfort and confidence!



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