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Today is the day parents all over South Louisiana have been waiting for. Other than the start of the football season, today’s event – the first day of school – is the best day of the fall for folks down here. For one thing, our kids love school. They really, genuinely do. After being off for two straight months, they are ready to get back to the fun of seeing their friends every day.

For another thing, we have things to do, things like having coffee in a leisurely manner, while our kids wait for the bus. Things like enjoying enforcing bedtimes at a reasonable hour.

The luckiest kids have the best teachers. The luckiest teachers have all the supplies they need. Even the cool ones – the occasional extra-special technology. The giant bookshelf teeming with great novels. These are the teachers that are beloved by kids… and thus get the hugs.

Any idea how many germs are on a little kid’s hands? DO NOT GOOGLE THAT.

Do your kids’ teachers a favor. Make sure they are the luckiest teachers, the ones that get all the hugs. And then give them protection against some of those germs. Every teacher loves resources. Make sure your teachers have what they need. Including flushable wipes. They will count themselves lucky, and they might even hug you, too.

Have a great school year, everybody.